Heard Something About Plastics?
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Determining fact from fiction on the Internet can be harder than you think. We know because people often contact us with questions about rumors concerning plastics. And since many of these might sound scientific or seem like good common sense, it's only natural to be concerned. If you've heard a rumor about plastics and want to know more, you've come to the right place.
MythBuster Tip
MythbusterTipImage2Like most scams, e-myths share certain features that can help you ID a hoax when you see one. For example, your e-mail just might be hoax if:

The e-mail suggests a dire and widespread threat that you have never heard before.
Health scares often fall into this category. Perhaps you've come across one of the now infamous hoaxes linking antiperspirant or shampoo with cancer. Sometimes it's just a prank. Sometimes it's an underhanded way to malign a particular person, product or company in order to promote another. Regardless, forwarding unconfirmed rumors only serves to promote needless fear mongering.

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