Heard Something About Plastics?
Get the Facts Here.
Determining fact from fiction on the Internet can be harder than you think. We know because people often contact us with questions about rumors concerning plastics. And since many of these might sound scientific or seem like good common sense, it's only natural to be concerned. If you've heard a rumor about plastics and want to know more, you've come to the right place.
MythBuster Tip
MythbusterTipImage3Looking for a fast and easy way to check out a rumor?

Visit a myth-busting website (like this one) that lets you search by key words or phrases. In just a few seconds you will know whether someone's already done the research, and if they have, the results will be at your fingertips. Try these myth-busting sites, too:

  • BreakTheChain.org
  • Purportal.com
  • Snopes.com
  • Rumor Registry Spotlight